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Autism House Health and Safety Policy COVID-19 Response


Phase two Implementation: As Oregon moves into phase two Autism House has resumed live classes/groups for those individuals who feel comfortable with returning.  Autism House will continue to implement policies to hopefully help to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. Some clients will continue to do individual work and online classes.



All staff are trained in proper hand washing procedures and other precessions related to infection control, such as, surface washing, wearing of surgical masks and a general understanding of how COVID-19 is passed. In case any individual is suspected of contracting the virus he/she will directly be sent to the emergency center to be tested. 


#1 - Upon entering the building clients will wash their hands. Clients will also be asked health related questions and questions regarding contact with individuals who show COVID-19 symptoms. If a client is exhibiting any symptoms they will be sent home.

#2 - The building is only used by clients of Autism House: which includes the recording studio, the computer lab and the adjacent classroom. 

#3 - All clients and staff will wear a face mask at all times. A face will be provided if necessary. 

#4 - Computer use will be limited to two clients per station. After use of the computer the surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected. 

#5 - There will be no eating during classes/groups.

#6 - Because the spread of COVID-19 is less likely in the outdoors, it is encouraged to have groups outside.

#7 - No visitors or guests will be allowed in the building, so as to be able to contact trace if necessary.

#8 - A binder and online Emergency Contacts list will available to all staff. The Emergency Contacts will included those of all clients and other pertinent numbers, such as the building landlord, Autism House executive director, police, fire, animal and poison control. 

#9 Due to the excessive use of cleaning and disinfecting supplies a weekly inventory will be maintained. 

#10 - Clients and staff will adhere to Social Distancing. Social Distancing does not mean social isolation or cutting yourself off from people. We should all still communicate regularly, check in on colleagues and friends, and encourage an ethos of civility, open communication and well-being in our community.  With additional care and good judgment, we can continue to live, learn and work productively. Moreover, acting now and doing so in a thoughtful manner will help shorten the time that these measures need to be in place. Social distancing actions not only protect ourselves, but just as importantly, they help to protect others.

#11 - A handout abut COVID-19 will be distributed to all clients and staff.