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William Davenport

William Davenport is a documentary filmmaker, musician, publisher, writer, teacher and autism activist. He is best known for his documentary films about autism, also for his work as the publisher of Unsound magazine, and as the founding member of the experimental/noise band Problemist. His latest musical endeavor is No More Control, a retro-punk band featuring William and his students who are all on the autistic spectrum.


In 2011 Davenport directed the feature documentary "Too Sane for This World". This film explores the challenges, gifts and unique perspectives of 12 adults on the autism spectrum. The film features an introduction by Dr. Temple Grandin. He has continued making films and had released a total of ten documentaries. 


Other than producing documentary films Davenport is also active in the international autism community. Davenport was a member of the San Francisco Marin Autism Taskforce. From 2007-2011, Davenport was the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Autism Social Connection; it was there that he developed his practice of teaching filmmaking to adults, teens, and children on the autism spectrum.  He has worked extensively with the San Francisco Bay Area autism organization Autism, Asperger's Coalition for Education, Networking and Development, and Washington D.C. based organization ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network). In the United Kingdom Davenport has collaborated with C.R.A.E. (Centre for Research in Autism and Education) and the charity Ambitious about Autism, on free screenings of his films followed by panel discussions.


Presently William is the Executive Director of Autism House, and is working on a book titled "The Autistic Filmmaker. He is currently working on three films slated for 2023: "Healthy/Sick", "2 Sane 4 This World, and "So Called Freedom". He will also be touring the world with his band No More Control.



Temple Grandin & William during the filming of "Too Sane for This World", 2011.